Lights are on!!

Finally! Things are drying out and the lights are on!

Our mega tree is down with over a 180 open ends there is water in one of the plugs causing it to shutdown. Not to worry though once it drys out it will be back up and running 😎.

A special thank you to our neighbors! Please do not block driveways, the road, or the view of others watching the lights from the other side of the road. There is NO STOPPING or PARKING on 36th Avenue! Please, for your safety and the safety of others, please do not stop on 36th!

The best viewing locations are on Ensign Avenue – Directly across from the house (the view is similiar to our photo above). Additionally, we have worked tirelessly to provide more decorations and view on Ensign Avenue to the left (east of the display). There you have the best view of the pixel tree and the drive way arches PLUS up close to the 20ft tree!

Traffic works best when everyone is patient. Please remember that our neighbors are being very patient with the extra traffic in the neighborhood so show them extra courtesy. Please no honking horns, loud radios, and in general, remember this is a neighborhood, and it’s Christmastime.

The Larson’s

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