About Us

Larson’s Lights is not running in 2020.  Please check back with us in 2021!

Larson’s Lights is an animated Christmas light display featuring over 100K lights hosted by Greg and Jennifer Larson and Family. The lights are choreographed to music and broadcast through a low-power transmitter on 87.9FM – The Sled. The display can be seen nightly from 4:30pm to 10:00pm (until 11:00pm on weekends) the day after Thanksgiving through the week after New Year’s Day. The display is not running in 2020.  Please check back with us in 2021! Outdoor speakers are turned off at 9pm to respect our neighbors. When the display is not operating during those times, we continue to broadcast Christmas/Holiday music over 87.9FM .

Countless hours are placed throughout the year to make Larson’s Lights the display that it has become. We are operating 256 channels of computer controlled synchronized lights and also DMX RGB programmable lights.  We are gradually moving from incan to LED to better support the environment and this year about 60% of our display is LED.   Features of the display include:

  • 24×7 Christmas music on 87.9FM – The Sled
  • a 21 foot megatree with 3d wireframe star
  • driveway arches
  • a 5 foot LED Bethlehem star on the second floor roof
  • two floors of icicle lights
  • 32 tomato cage LED rope light trees
  • 20 programmable North Poles
  • 18 LED arches, creating an arch fence
  • countless other lawn decorations
  • LED Pixels on 2nd floor gutter line, 1st floor gutter line, front windows and columns
  • A 10 foot Pixel Tree

Please be mindful of our neighbor’s driveways and lawns. Please do NOT turn around in their driveways. It is with their patience that we do this display and make it bigger every year – we want to make sure we do not upset our neighbors in any way.

On very busy evenings, we will move to an abbreviated Show (1-3 songs) . Weekends are always the busiest time to see the display. Consider coming on a weeknight to see the show with the least amount of traffic.

Note: In the event of Inclement weather, the display will be turned off as a safety precaution. We apologize for any inconvenience but please understand that wet (rainy) weather plays havoc with our miles of extension cords and exposed wiring so we play it safe during very wet sleet or rain (generally 1 or 2 nights a year). Please check here or our Facebook page to make sure the display is operating.