Setup has begun!

Set up is underway! We have some hiccups this weekend and that is part of life.

On Wednesday we found out that our yard will be partially torn up for gas line replacement. We were able to get in touch with Meghan at the city of New Hope and she was awesome! She helped us get in touch with the right people at Centerpoint and the crew at Michels construction. They were amazing taking the time to meet with us and partner together to make sure that we knew what was going on, how we can work with them to keep them safe and get through what they need to do. Our hats off to all of them! Thank you so much.

We had a lot of great trick or treaters that are really looking forward to the lights. We love 💗 hearing that people enjoy sharing in the season. It makes all of the work we do seem worthwhile.

It’s been a challenging summer with work changes, surgeries and life going on. With the love and support of our family we are ready to bring the lights up and turn them on the day after Thanksgiving!

Thank you to our neighbors for their continued support and patience!

The SLED 87.9fm is on and playing holiday music 🎶. If you are in the neighborhood feel free to tune in!

We will post updates on our set up progress.

The Larson’s

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