We made it!! Welcome to the 2019 Christmas display at Larson’s Lights

Welcome to opening night! We made it!

With how wet the snow is we are having a few of our display elements not fully up and running due to water tripping the gfi’s. They will be back up as the temperature drops and the water freezes.

As always a few friendly reminders please:

– For your safety and to keep our display running – we ask that you do NOT enter the display area. There are miles of extension cords and data cords running through the yard. Tripping on any one of these could cause the entire display to shut down. Please stay behind the arch fence for your safety and the safety of our display.

– Don’t block our neighbors driveways.

– When turning around always do so safely and at an intersection instead of a private driveway.

– No loud music.

– We can’t run the display in the rain and will post when we have to shut the display down due to rain.

– Hours our lights are on:

Sunday – Thursday 4:30 – 10:00pm

Friday – Saturday 4:30 – 11:00pm

Thank you for following us and celebrating the holiday season with us!

The Larson’s

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